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Shanghai Emergency Crisis Handling

Company shareholder dispute handling
Help resolve the dispute, so as to avoid personal injuries
Partner disputes often affect the company's business volume, market value, etc.
Many examples prove that the bankruptcy of most companies can be attributed to the fundamental dispute between shareholders, partners and / or directors.
We have resolved numerous disputes, both formal and informal. Our experience is security guarantees for them, especially in our understanding of the downside of disputes, as well as our understanding of the contract and statutory, enables us to let the combatants to recognize the real costs and risks of ongoing disputes, the vulnerability of the parties, and to focus on key issues. We need not only to pay attention to detail, but also to have macro solutions. In most cases, from the point of view of successful continuation of related business, reconciliation is imminent, we handle all and very experienced all kinds of project, hope that all parties can achieve the best effect under the condition of the limitations of the existing situation.Shanghai Emergency Crisis Handling


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